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Gold League


 SCHEDULES ARE POSTED, go to gold league, schedules.

League Letter SWAMP DARTS

The point breaks for this session are the same as last session, if it aint broke donít fix it and are as follows:

3.4 mark per round and up is a skill level 4

3.39 mpr To a 2.4 mpr is a skill level 3

2.39 mpr To a 1.9 mpr is a skill level 2

1.89 mpr and lower is a skill level 1.

We use only your cricket average because it is considered more of a skill game and to simplify things. These point breaks are used to formulate a competitive league and also to promote fair substitutions through out the session. If you are subbing for somebody, your skill level will be based on what your mpr is that week or on the last available posted stats at your match location. Make sure your team doesn't exceed an 8 total skill level. This should be the responsibility of not only the captain but the players also.

We are going to ask that at least ONE original member of a team be present for the match otherwise a reschedule is in order. Please contact your opposing team in advance to schedule a rematch. We will no longer have a team of subs. There will be no restrictions on subs due to the fact that some people show up just to sub and play. We attempt to not to exclude anybody from playing. We are open to all skill levels.

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS OUT ON OUR DART BOARDS by kicking, punching, pushing or whatever, heck you get to throw darts at the dang thing all night so take it easy on them. If you need to practice we offer free darts on Wednesdays from 5:00pm to close! Sportsmanship is always welcome. Ping Pong in the green room. Thanks.

One last note, If you or your team quits the league you will not be eligible to sub or play in the league tournament or receive pins or trophies. You must have played 5 league nights to be eligible for participation in the League tournament.





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